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About Ruth Ann

About Ruth Ann


Greeley, Colorado, was still a small ag community when I grew up there.  My mother was a nurse and my father a baseball coach at University of Northern Colorado.

Years later, it was my privilege to serve in the Wyoming State Legislature just 50 miles north of Greeley.  In the House for 3 terms, and as chairman of Travel, Recreation and Wildlife committee for the last two years, I was a leader on sweeping issues like the Grand Teton National Park land transfer.  But my favorite bills were the small changes in statute that had dramatic impact for individuals and businesses.

That’s the beauty of Wyoming.  A citizen legislature where we have access to our elected officials.  We don’t always agree, but we talk, we try to understand one other, and we try to do the right thing.  It’s that culture that I fight to preserve.

I’ve been in the hospitality industry all my adult life, including more than 30 years in Teton County as a small business owner.  Snake River Roasting Company opened our doors 10 years ago, roasting craft coffees for Wyoming cafes, hotels, restaurants and homes.

I married Mark Barron on a perfect summer day in a meadow in South Park. We live with our two dogs at the foot of Snow King Mountain.