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About Ruth Ann

About Ruth Ann


Growing up in Colorado, I fell in love with nature.  Greeley was still a small agricultural community when I lived there.  My mother was a nurse and my father a baseball coach at UNC. Their work ethic, generosity, and involvement in charitable causes were great examples to me.

I began working for Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1983 when they were the largest growing food chain in history.  That provided me opportunities to be involved in many different aspects of the business. I built stores, opened stores, fixed stores that were operating poorly, trained employees and was involved in marketing.

At one point, I was given the opportunity to buy a Domino’s store that was getting ready to close due to poor sales performance. Working almost every hour the business was open and heavily employing guerilla marketing techniques, I turned the business around and sold it for a profit, which was eventually used to achieve my dream of living in Jackson Hole.

I moved here for the outdoor activities and natural beauty, but quickly realized that the true heart of Jackson is the community. I opened the Domino’s Pizza store here in 1988, owned and operated it for 17 years. I grew to have many mentors and heroes here, whom I tried to honor and emulate by using my business as a vehicle for community service.

I married Mark Barron on a perfect summer day in a meadow in South Park. We live at the foot of Snow King Mountain with our two dogs and enjoy outdoor activities, travel, and the many amazing offerings of art and cultural activities.

In 2003, I opened Hard Drive Café.  We are now leasing the café space to Café Boheme and I’ve been focusing my business efforts on our coffee roasting business, Snake River Roasting Company.  I appreciate having a small company that reflects our personal values. We are members of One Percent for the Tetons/One Percent for the Planet. We are an exclusively certified organic roaster. And we are grateful to our customers, who are also our friends and neighbors.

It’s been my privilege to serve in the Wyoming State Legislature for two terms.  I’ve been an effective voice for Teton County interests: for business, for jobs, for tourism; for the parks, for teacher wages, for clean energy; for fiscal prudence, for civilized discourse, and for productive cooperation.