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As a businessperson in Jackson Hole for twenty-six years, my primary mission has been to serve and be involved in my community. I have had to balance a small-business budget in good years and bad years and I understand the importance of focusing on long-term vision while being nimble enough to maneuver short-term obstacles. Serving on several local non-profit boards, my voice has been one of conservative and effective spending, productive and consumer-oriented distribution of services, and remaining focused on the organizations’ mission.

I initially ran for the Wyoming State Legislature to promote and keep what’s best about our state.   It’s frustrating for many of us to see the gridlock in national politics and it is contagious. Electing bridge builders and people who are able to see many sides of an issue in order to form effective policy, is the best way we can keep our state functioning in a healthy and productive manner.

In my four years as a legislator, I have effectively represented Teton County interests for increased jobs, support of our tourism economy, keeping our parks and wild lands healthy for future generations, promoting a healthy business environment, fair compensation for state and school employees in our high-cost county, and support of clean energy initiatives.

While I have strong views about conservative spending, like any knowledgeable businessperson I understand that re-investing is necessary and beneficial for healthy growth. Effective investments in education pay off by ensuring our kids a bright future where they are set up for success.  Effective investments in infrastructure and incentives pay off by creating a robust business environment where Wyoming graduates have challenging jobs and can support a family.  Effective investments in conservation ensure that we have wilderness and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

We have a culture of civility and productivity in our Wyoming citizen legislature, which brings together people who live and work in their own communities with a diversity of experiences and views.   I am proud to be part of that legacy and I am committed to carry it into the future.

I invite your comments and questions about these and other issues: